• Students of all ages are drawn to Lyric Academy to interact with creative musicians for personal growth and the enrichment of their community. Bound by a common commitment, together they share a life-long joy in creating music at an exceptional level.

    We believe that the following dimensions make us unique in the musical landscape

             Our appreciation of the chosen path of each student

             Our Instructors, whose performance and teaching experience have inspired a well   

                            balanced curriculum including solo, ensemble and note reading  to prepare

                             students for  performance demands at every level.

              Focus on Excellence       Our performance calendar offers opportunities for  solo,                            ensemble and performance opportunities

              Facilities.   Cobblestone Arts Center offers a comfortable,  attractive environment

                              for lessons.   The Cobblestone Theater offers us an inspiring setting for  

                             performance .       

Beyond the private lessons, our students enjoy playing together with friends in Suzuki Repertoire Classes,  note reading classes and string ensembles.  Frequent performance opportunities provide focus for practice and inspire music and musical friendships.  We invite you to attend one of our recitals or welcome you to visit a rehearsal or private lesson.   We would love to show you all that Lyric Academy has to offer.  

You may begin lessons at any time.  Registration forms are available on the "Lessons" Page.  Please feel free to call 585.924.7259 or email:  margdilmore@gmail.com. with questions or to schedule lessons.  

 Come Join Us In Our Next Performance!

Saturday, October 26  Lyric Academy Sponsors Cobblestone Harvest Festival  5:30 pm

Sunday, November 3    Student Recital  4:30   Cobblestone Arts Center Theater


Check out our Events Page and Facebook page for all of our upcoming performances.  They are open to the public and family friendly, so please join us!

Welcome to Lyric's 2018 / 19  Season!