What We Do

Suzuki Violin, Viola for children age 4 to adult.  Traditional lessons for advanced students

Suzuki Repertoire Classes, String Ensembles, Note Reading Classes (beginning to advanced)

Adult String Ensemble

Frequent Recitals and Parlor Concerts are free, family friendly and open to the public (see Events Page)

As you search for a music program, be aware that you will want to base your decision on so much more than the price of a lesson.  When you walk through our doors, we hope you feel the support of an established body of students and teachers.   We think you will be inspired by our unique programs and by students at all levels of proficiency.  We're sure you will enjoy the interaction among like minded students.  And we know you will feel as we do, that Lyric Academy offers  a lovely environment for learning.
Private and Group Lessons  
Our students take both a private and a group lesson each week.  Private Lessons allow our students to progress at their individual pace while Group Lessons promote a strong shared identity with musical peers.  Learning to play in ensemble is an art unto itself ~ and for most students the most fun part of playing!  

We like to start students in lessons early and feel age 4 is the optimal age to begin.  We all know this is the age where learning language and music is most efficient.  The mental stimulation that music provides exercises vital areas of the brain, strengthening neural development before the natural process of Synaptic Pruning sets in.  After decades of teaching we know that  early start promotes a profound difference in creating ability.      

Group Lessons (Only)

Suzuki Classes meet once a week, covering an entire Suzuki Volume at each gathering.  We see this as a fun, rigorous one hour supervised practice each week.

For Note Readers,  String Ensembles refine sight reading and rhythm drills, theory and scale work and provide many performance opportunities throughout the year.  The importance of Ensembles lies in the fact that learning to play and work together is an art unto itself.   We have ensembles at all levels of performance from beginners to semi-professionals.  All students are promoted through the groups according to their ability rather than age.         

Suzuki Book Recitals

When students have completed a Suzuki Book they are encouraged to perform a recital of the entire book.  This recital is sometimes given in a theater, and sometimes in the child's home. 

Monthly Recitals are optional, but we find they give momentum to practice and allow students to gain confidencein preparation and performance.  They also expose students to a wide range of repertoire.  

Our Students
Our students come to us from several Rochester suburbs, but you will notice something they all have in common.  They are supportive of one another, and genuinely enjoy one another's company.    You might say something very special ties them all together.
We think so!

The best way to know Lyric Academy is to schedule a visit or attend a concert .  Check out our Events page for performances throughout the year.  Or call to arrange a visit with one of our teachers.